Jordan Iles

Do you find yourself spending more time responding to emails or playing phone tag than you do actually working to solve the problems you’re documenting? Statistics show that we spend between 70 and 80 percent of our workday communicating. What’s more—in the age of information, with the access to so much in the palm of our hand, we have become inefficient listeners and poor multitaskers. Just because we can do twenty things at once doesn’t always mean that we should.

It can be hard to make sure nothing falls through the cracks when your business and the customers you serve work in separate silos. You don’t want to be weighed down by inputting the same information across multiple platforms, and—let’s face it—neither do your customers.

There’s an ever-present challenge for support to be as streamlined and efficient as possible when companies work together to provide or consume services and products, especially when the lifecycle of support looks a little different from one organization to the other.

In a world where every organization has its own process, how do service providers and customers find process synchronization? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an application that could do the heavy lifting for you?

Well, now there is.

By managing your data in a quick, succinct manner, QuickService forms a connection between two or more instances, minimizing the impact from processing and ensuring that data is delivered in real-time without ever leaving ServiceNow.

Only QuickService has the ability to bring companies together as part of one team, securely bridging the gap between your source of truth and your customers while the remaining process is independent.

For example, the second an incident arises, your customer can raise a ticket and sync their process to yours. Since both you and the customer hold the ability to control which fields are sent from the local instance to the remote instance, there’s never any chance of key information being lost in translation.

QuickService can be utilized across any task-extended or custom-built table. Since this process synchronization tool is highly customizable, it means the possibilities for your business and the businesses you serve are endless. Need to send attachments? Forget something important right after you submitted the ticket? No problem.

With the ease of configuring QuickService, syncing between instances is as easy as one click of a button—after that, all the updating is done in real-time. Don’t waste valuable time playing Telephone—bridge the communication gap and use your free time for what really matters.


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  • Revant Nagpal


  • Jason Taylor

    QuickService has been an excellent tool for customer integrations. It allows our users to effectively communicate with customers without the need to swivel chair into another ServiceNow instance, or constantly send emails back and forth. We have set this up with multiple customers and never had any operational issues! 5 stars! Would recommend!

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